Rush Team is an online first-person shooter game, developed by a programmer known as ''Roka.'' The game has been built on Unity, a 3D engine and Photon network engine. The game is browser-based and is playable on 3 different engines: WebGL, which is the main one, GameLoader, which is not browser-based, and the Unity Version, which is only playable on old browsers like Palemoon. Gameloader was created because all of the major browsers discontinued the support of Unity. Note that neither the Unity version nor the Gameloader will not receive any updates due to problems with Unity. The WebGL version is highly recommended if you are a beginner.

Rush Team is ultimately accessible, you don't have to download anything other than the game's cookies, which will download automatically when playing the WebGL version and even when you are creating an account, your email isn't required, but if you wish, then you can make your account more secure by adding an email address. The game is free but it contains paid content, like weapons and skins, for what you must pay.

Although Rush Team's player base is small, in Rush Team's website it is reported that it has over 800k registered users.

Gameplay Edit

Rush Team contains many different maps and game modes. The most commonly played game mode is Team Death Match, where the player either chooses Team 1 or Team 2 and the teams battle until time runs out or one team reaches a certain number of kills (determined by the host). Usually, the player starts with a set of equipment including a melee weapon, a pistol, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle, and two grenades,1 normal grenade and 1 extra grenade if the player has VIP. This is only not the case when the host has chosen that only 1 kind of weapon will be used, for example only Rifles.

When players get kills or assists or even if they get killed themselves, they earn experience points (XP), getting more XP, will help them level up and get more weapons. If a player is level 30 then they will have access to all the weapons they can get without paying.

History and Development Edit

The game was first released to the public on 14th of July 2012. At the time it was only on Kongregate and Later the game got its own site.

For the development of this game, Roka has assigned a squad, called ''Game-Masters'' and Roka's squad along with Roka are the only ones developing it. Although as far as known, only Roka is currently developing the game.

To get a clearer picture on development, you can look game's changelogs of updates here.